17 March 2020

Information about the coronavirus for fertility patients

Coronavirus MMC

Update 28/04/2020

Because the pressure on ICUs due to COVID-19 is decreasing, regular healthcare can slowly be restarted.

The fertility department is also slowly resuming treatments again.

We want to continue to provide care via telephone or webcam consultation wherever possible to keep the number of contacts in the hospital to a minimum.

We will start with conducting ultrasounds as part of an exploratory fertility study.

We are also resuming ultrasounds as part of ovulation induction procedures.

Appointments for physical examinations can be made with your doctor to a limited extent. Meetings with your doctor to discuss matters such as test results will be conducted by telephone or webcam consultation.

We are trying to slowly start up stimulation and insemination treatment (COH/MOH/IUI), depending on the possibilities and resources at our hospital.

IVF and ICSI treatments are still on hold. We will post an announcement on our website when we resume these treatments.

Blood collection, semen analysis and Fallopian tube testing can also be conducted again to a limited extent.

Because we are still in the start-up phase and have to take the 1.5-metre distance into account in the waiting rooms, we will start slowly, and your treatment may still be delayed for a while.

We kindly but firmly ask you to observe the current hygiene and health measures.

Come alone, keep your hospital visit as short as possible, try to combine as many examinations in a single visit as possible (e.g. ultrasound + blood testing).

If you or one of your family members have any symptoms that could indicate COVID-19, stay home at all times.


If you need clarification, counselling or would like more information, please call +31 40 888 95 58.

High-risk groups

We will not be treating patients who belong to the coronavirus high-risk groups. The high-risk groups are listed on the RIVM’s website.

Effect of the virus on early pregnancy

The currently available studies show little to no effects of the coronavirus on early pregnancy. However, these studies are limited in both number and scope, so few definitive conclusions can be drawn. We will discuss the matter with you, after which you can decide for yourself whether or not to begin your treatment.