When facing cancer the journey begins with detection, diagnosis and staging. As stressful and frightening as the potential is- we here at MMC department of oncology are focused on getting you the answers you need quickly. This speed is essential in treatment and it is where we, more than any other hospital in the Netherlands, excel.

Our world class team works with speed and efficiency drawing on one of the largest collaborative networks of specialists throughout the Netherlands to support you on this journey. Our goal is finding the right treatment options for you. A diagnosis of cancer is more varied and broad than any other diagnosis. For us assuring that you receive the best possible treatment is more important than our hospital getting your custom. We use our network to find the best possible fit for your particular cancer and stage of growth. We get you seen by the best, in our hospital or another, as quickly as possible.

Breast center

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in the western world. Breast cancer’s effect is felt by entire families, often for generations, making it important to focus not only on diagnosis and treatment but also the support of patients and families struggling with this disease. With the Breast Center we have centralized your care, minimizing stress and placing our focus firmly on partnering all areas of your treatment directly with you. With our team of oncologists, surgeons, and specialist nurses we deliver the personal attention needed to help you. At Maxima we are here to support you on your journey.

Contact & location

Please contact our oncology department at the following phone number.

  • Phone number
    (040) 888 53 20
  • Address
    Location Eindhoven: Ds. Th. Fliednerstraat 1
    Location Veldhoven: De Run 4600

Our Breast center is located in Eindhoven. Please contact us for more information at the following phone number.