Outpatient procedures and treatments

Outpatient procedures and treatments are carried out the same day with the intention of sending you home after a short recovery period. In exceptional circumstances we may need to extend your stay. Your clinician will explain the entire process and inform you of any possible adjustments to your treatment plan.


Outpatient procedures occur at both our locations (Eindhoven/Veldhoven). Outpatient Admissions for Veldhoven are located on the 1st floor. Outpatient Admissions for Eindhoven are located on the 5th floor.


There is a pharmacy (apotheek) located at both campuses where you can fill your prescriptions.

Returning home

Before you are discharged from the hospital after a procedure or treatment you will have a discharge discussion with the attending nurse or physician. They will cover all pertinent information to your recovery.

In an effort to improve our quality of care, we kindly request that you fill out an evaluation form upon discharge. You answers help us work toward our goal of continuous improvement and offer us insight not only into what we can improve but areas where we are excelling.

Transportation home

In most case it is necessary that you are picked up by a friend or family member. Traveling by public transport is not advisable and we would prefer you to take a taxi home after your stay. We are happy to arrange this for you, please speak with your nurse before departure.

From the lobby there are wheelchairs available for a deposit of €2.00 coin.

Home aid

After your treatment or procedure home/personal aid may be needed while you recover. The recovery nurses will be able to offer you more information about this service. If in-home care will not be sufficient your clinician can arrange for your admittance into a rehabilitative care home and a transport nurse will be provided to you.