Sports medicine

Our sports medicine department is an innovative approach to sport medicine. By housing a world-class team in one department- we strive to help you get the best out of your body. Whether you are a professional athlete or an amateur we look to understand your performance and develop strategies to address your needs.

The sports medicine department offers a total concept in the field of sports- from guiding athletes toward better results and in the treatment of sport related injuries/rehabilitation. We understand that whether athletics is your passion, your vocation, or simply your hobby-getting the most from your body is essential.

At our sports medicine department we have assembled a comprehensive team to assist you in achieving your goals

  • sports doctors
  • sport orthopedics
  • sport cardiologists
  • general surgeon
  • physiotherapists
  • sport psychologists
  • exercise physiologists

Who is sports medicine for?

The sports medicine department is for everyone who wants to get the most from their bodies. From the complete novice who looks to create a healthy approach to begin their new fitness regimen- to the avid amateur that is looking to better their personal best- all the way to the Elite athletes looking for the best in rehabilitative sport medicine. We work in a completely inter-displinary group that can assess your status, evaluate and help you achieve the next level.

Contact & location

Sports medicine is located in Veldhoven. Please contact us for an appointment.