What to expect during your stay

During your stay at MMC you will be looked after by an extensive support team. Nurses, student nurses, doctors, physician’s assistants, interns (medical student) and a dietician may all take part in your care.

Communicating clearly with your support team is a crucial aspect of your stay. Your daily support needs will be met by a shift nurse. In addition, the ward doctor will generally make rounds once per day with the shift nurse. She/he will assess your case and make any adjustment to your care plan. If you have any questions regarding your illness or treatment you may inquire at this time. The shift and support nurses are available to you 24 hours a day should you have any further questions or concerns about your condition. All contact will be noted in your personal file to ensure clear communication between shifts.

Your room

Most departments have rooms equipped for one, two or four people. These rooms are not gender specific (both men and women stay in the same room). Please understand that shared rooms reduce waiting times and help us to offer care more efficiently. We will make every effort to accommodate special requests by exemption, please make your requests known at admissions.

There will be a complementary TV available for use in your room. Wireless Internet is also available for free by logging in with a code. Please inquire with the shift nurse for log-in details. In each room you have access to both a personal closet and small personal chest under your mobile table. Please note that not all closets are equipped with a lock.

Please bear in mind that the hospital is not responsible for your personal items. We recommend that you leave valuables at home and keep your possessions to a minimum to prevent loss or theft.

Quiet hours

You are permitted to use your phone on the premise but we ask that you please keep the sound off and respect those around you. We also observe the following quiet hours and respectfully request you do not use your phone during the daily resting hours:

  • Between the hours of 22:00 and 7:00 (10 pm -7 am)

Please note that there are areas of the hospital where phones are not permitted at any time. These are clearly sign posted.
You are permitted to have your partner or primary care provider with you daily between 11:00 and 20:00. They are always permitted to attend your consultation appointments with you. Exceptions can be discussed with the department.


Breakfast, dinner and two snacks will be provided daily. The meal trolley will come to your room where you will be able to make your selections directly. If needed, a dietician will be assigned to your case and your dietary requirements will be prerecorded. Drinks are also provided throughout the day and evening at regular intervals. Outside food is permitted in your room although you consume it at your own risk. There are no facilities available for re-heating or storing food items. The only exception to this is expressed breast milk. All questions regarding your meals can be referred to the nutritionist.