After your baby is born

What happens right after you gave birth at Máxima MC?

Sacred Hour

The first hour of contact between mother and child is also called the ‘sacred hour’. An important hour for an optimal bond between mother and child. That is why the baby is placed directly on the mother’s chest. No medical tasks are performed, such as washing or measuring. That happens after the ‘sacred hour’. This form of skin-to-skin contact has even more benefits, such as reduced heat loss, faster stabilization of the metabolism and a higher success chance of breastfeeding.


We encourage breastfeeding at MMC. The nurse or lactation consultant guides you when feeding the baby. Breastfeeding has many benefits. It contains everything the baby needs for optimal growth and development.


We understand that you would like to introduce family members and friends to your baby. That is why they are welcome in your maternity suite immediately
after delivery. The visiting hours can mostly be determined by you. Parents themselves determine when family and acquaintances come to visit the Infant Unit and NICU. A prerequisite for this is that one of the parents of the child is present. At the NICU, children up to and including 12 years of age who are not part of the family can unfortunately not come to visit. This is related to the chance of transmitting childhood diseases.


Your doctor or midwife will tell you when you can leave the hospital after the birth. This depends on the delivery and the condition of you and your child.


You must register your child with the municipality of Veldhoven within three working days after it is born, even if you live in another municipality. You can do this from your maternity suite at the Woman Mother Child-center or by appointment at the municipality. In the maternity suite, you can do this from Monday to Friday at 08:30. If you want to do this at the municipality, you can make an appointment via or via tel. 14040. It must be done by someone who was present at the birth.

You need the following items for registration:
• the mother’s passport
• your own passport
• marriage certificate (if you are married)
• proof that you acknowledge the child (if you are not married)


Within six weeks after a normal delivery there is a follow-up. This can take place at the Woman Mother Child-center, but can also be done by telephone or at the midwife in your neighborhood.