Birth care at Máxima MC

Childbirth is very beautiful, but also exciting. Nothing is more important than bringing your baby into the world safely. You can give birth at the Woman Mother Child-center of Máxima MC (MMC), located in Veldhoven, with or without medical indications and, if you want to, under the supervision of your own midwife.

The Woman Mother Child-center is known for its family-oriented care according to the Family-Centered Care principle. Here, mother and child, if it is medically justified, stay together 24 hours a day.

Prenatal screening

Prenatal screening is used to determine the risk of a congenital disorder. Read more about it here.

Preparing for childbirth

If you are giving birth at MMC, there are a number of things that you can or must arrange in advance. Also, to prepare you for childbirth the Woman Mother Child-center and the midwifery practices in the region organizes the information evening We are Pregnant (in Dutch: Samen Zwanger). You can read about it here.

What happens during childbirth?

Every childbirth is different and feels different for everyone. In general, these stages can be recognized.

After your baby is born

Read information about visitation, sacred hour, breastfeeding and your discharge here.

When birth doesn’t go as planned

Sometimes pregnancy or childbirth doesn’t go as planned. In every situation, a specialist team is waiting for you at our Woman Mother Child-center.

Extra care after childbirth

Most women give birth around the due date, whereby mother and baby are healthy. Sometimes, however, a pregnancy involves risks. MMC specializes in supervising women with high-risk pregnancies and babies that are born prematurely or seriously ill.

Who works at the Woman Mother Child-center?

At the Woman Mother Child-center all those involved in birth care work together: clinical obstetricians, gynecologists, pediatricians, maternity nurses, lactation specialists and nurses. You have one fixed point of contact: the case manager. This is a caregiver (first-line or clinical obstetrician) who, together with you, is in charge of the care.

MMC also has a partnership with the independent midwives around the hospital.

Quality certifications

MMC has received the Golden Smiley and Breastfeeding Certificate.

Scientific research

The only way to improve the quality of care in the future is to conduct joint research.

Contact & location

Would you like more information about giving birth at Máxima MC? Call us at (040) 888 83 80 (gynaecology and obstetrics). Our Woman Mother Child Center is located in Veldhoven (De Run 4600).

More Information

As a couple, you go through pregnancy and the birth together. To help prepare you, the Woman-Mother-Child centre of Máxima Medical Centre and the midwife practice have created a special information webpage ‘We are pregnant’ in English.