Preparing for childbirth

If you are giving birth at MMC, there are a number of things that you can or must arrange in advance.

Maternity Care

It is a good idea to register at a maternity center or private home care agency early on in your pregnancy. You can inquire with your healthcare insurer to find out who to see for maternity care.

What to take with you?

Be well prepared and have your hospital bag ready packed at home so you can take it with when you give birth at MMC. Pack the following necessities:

For yourself
• service pass
• identity document
• telephone numbers you want to keep handy
• camera
• toiletries
• comfortable clothing, pajamas or bathrobe, underwear, warm
socks or slippers
• 2-euro coin for a wheelchair
• breastfeeding cushion (if you have one)

For the baby
• baby clothes like a hat, romper and something warm,
• receiving blanket
• car seat

Since your partner is allowed to stay in the maternity suite during your stay, it is useful to pack toiletries and sleepwear for them too.

When should you contact us?

Contact the Woman Mother Child-center in the following situations.

Abdominal pain and/or contractions
Is it your first child? Contact us if the contractions (hard, painful abdomen) have been coming every four minutes for an hour or an hour and a half. If you have given birth before, call when the contractions have been coming every five minutes or less, for an hour.
Vaginal bleeding
Amniotic fluid loss (if your water breaks)
If the baby seems to be moving less than normal
Symptoms that worry you
Like a fever, headache, dizziness or sudden fluid retention.

If you are worried or if you feel the need for advice about contractions and/or amniotic fluid loss, do not hesitate to call.

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