Quality certifications

Máxima MC (MMC) has received these quality certifications.

Golden Smiley

MMC has been receiving the Smiley for years, a quality mark from the Stichting Kind en Ziekenhuis (Child and Hospital Foundation). At the beginning of 2013, MMC was rewarded with the highest quality mark for child-friendly care: the Golden Smiley. In May 2017, the Golden Smiley was again awarded after the four-year reassessment. The foundation praised the MMC’s Woman Mother Child-center for the very child-friendly and family-oriented care that is offered, and the time and attention that employees have for sick children and their families. Only a limited number of hospitals in the Netherlands have been honored in a similar way by the Stichting Kind en Ziekenhuis.

Breastfeeding Certificate

MMC has also received the WHO/UNICEF breastfeeding certificate. This means that the care given with regards to breastfeeding is of a high-quality. You can, therefore, count on the right guidance with latching on and pumping.