We are pregnant

Information for those giving birth at the hospital or interested in giving birth at the Woman-Mother-Child centre (VMK centre) at Máxima MC (MMC).

Samen zwanger ouders met baby en verpleegkundige

This page has all the information you need about pregnancy, childbirth at the VMK centre, pain relief, the period after childbirth, feeding the baby and, of course, a tour of our beautiful maternity suites. This webpage replaces the physical ‘We are Pregnant’ information evening that we normally hold at the hospital.

Watch the interactive video

Our healthcare professionals explain what you can expect from our care during your pregnancy and delivery at the MMC VMK centre in this interactive video.
Visiting the hospital for a tour is currently not permitted because of coronavirus. If you would like to see where you will be giving birth, take the digital tour of the MMC.


If you have a question, you might find it on the list of frequently asked questions. The list contains information about your pregnancy and giving birth at the MMC.

If your question is not on the list, please submit it via DM to the live Q&A on Instagram  in advance. Our healthcare professionals will answer as many questions as possible.

Frequently asked questions